Kleftiko in Milos attracts thousands of visitors every year who enjoy the crystal-clear waters by the impressive white cliffs.
Greek islands hopping

Greek island hopping, Milos

Milos is located at the southwestern edge of Cyclades and is the group’s fifth largest island. It has an area of 151 sq. km, a coastline of 126 km and there are 4,770 inhabitants. The strange shapesof its rocks, the beautiful colours, the ensnaring white sandy beaches and sculpted rocks are due  to the island’s volcanic terrain.

Activities on the island
• Hiking following the course:

  • Catacombs - Theatre - Profitis Ilias (2.5 km), Zefyria - Agia Kyriaki Beach (5 km), Fylakopi - Mandrakia (9 km), Fyropotamos - Lagkada (13 km) and Kipos - Psathadika - Xylokeratia.

• Swimming at the beaches of

  • Lagkada, Bomparda and Papikinou, in Rivari, Fatourena, Patrikia, Ammoudaraki, Triades and Agkathia, in Pachaina, Papafragkas, Kapros, in Agios Konstantinos, in Alogomantra and Mytakas, in Provatas, Agios Sostis, Psathi, Katergo and in Geronta, in Fyriplaka, Tsigkrado, Gerakas, Agia Kyriaki and Fyropotamos.

• Wind surfing, especially in the area of Chivadolimni.
• Diving.
• Kite surfing.
• Canoe kayaking.
• Spear Fishing.
• Water sports.
• 4x4 vehicle and dirt bike riding in the area of Emporeios and Trachilas.
• Bathing in mineral water springs, in Lakkos springs, in the area of Adamantas.